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     A professional and friendly service; the cleaners are the best I've used so far. Thanks Kensal Green Cleaning Company!
Finn Dubell30/03/2018
     Thanks to Kensal Green Cleaning Company I no longer have any domestic cleaning worries. I know I can just palm them off into the hands of an expert company, and everything will be sorted.
Lauren S.22/08/2017
     We always used to discount the importance of cleaning; putting it off until there came a time we couldn't do that anymore. Our place looked like a bomb had freshly hit it and we felt so overwhelmed trying to clean everything up. Fortunately, my son-in-law told us that his sister was using an amazing cleaning company called Kensal Green Clean Carpet. We entrust all our cleaning work to them and we couldn't be happier.
     I work away most weekdays and only return home at the weekend, although my home stays relatively tidy, because I'm never there, I notice how dusty things get when I'm not around to clean. I hate having to come home to clean straight away as I usually want to rest when I get back from a long hard week of work so I started hiring KensalGreenCarpetCleaners on a fortnightly basis to give my home a spruce up for when my return. They are trustworthy and I leave a key with them and they are affordable which is why I use them regularly, highly recommend this company.
     I use KensalGreenCarpetCleaners for my carpet cleaning. Since getting the carpets steam cleaned a few years ago, I have been having it done fairly consistently since, every three months or so, as it really does make the place look a lot nicer. The company are very good at the steaming, and even offer dry cleaning services, which I have used for tougher things, like red wine spills. I am always surprised by how cheap they are, and have recommended them to various friends and family already!
Jerry Wilson07/01/2014

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